Why Is The Market For Acrylic Photo Frames So Vast?

- Aug 16, 2018-

With the development of the acrylic market, more and more people choose human acrylic materials to make photo frames. Then, what advantages does acrylic have? Let me know about it.

Acrylic light transmittance is as high as 92%. Compared with light-transparent glass, an unforgettable photo will become more clear when entering an acrylic photo frame. It will become a landscape in the living room or bedroom.

Acrylic products are highly resistant and resistant to damage. This advantage can be fatal compared to glass frames. Acrylic photo frames are not fragile and safer, especially in places where more children are.

The weight is half lighter than the glass and much lighter than the same volume of material. Therefore, if the large-size photo frame is made of acrylic, it will be lighter and more suspending, moving, and handling will be more convenient and quicker.

Various colors, can be processed into various forms, can be formed at 180 ° C, other materials can not be used. The plastic frame is not so high-grade, the light transmittance is poor, and the glass frame is fragile.

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