Why Can Acrylic Products Replace FRP Products?

- Jul 15, 2020-

                                Why can acrylic products replace FRP products?

  1. Translucency The transmittance of acrylic handicrafts is as high as 92%, while that of glass is only 85%. Acrylic handicrafts with printed colors look more delicate and gorgeous under direct sunlight.

  2. Insulation level The insulation level of acrylic handicrafts is excellent, and people are also many customers who use acrylic handicrafts to make monitors for tablet computers and electronic doors. 

  3. Environmental protection Adequate environmental protection, because acrylic handicraft is a new type of environmental protection material at present, it can be applied continuously. Unlike glass, it can only be discarded as waste, and even when moving to a new home, FRP products are too heavy and inconvenient to take with them. It is a pity to discard them, and it is also a pity to sell them. 

  4.  Plasticity Acrylic handicrafts also have strong plasticity. Because acrylic handicraft is lighter in color than glass, it can be produced and processed into the kind you want, for example, the thickness and color of display shelves, storage bags and picture frames used in daily life can be customized.