Why Are Acrylic Products So Popular?

- Jul 25, 2018-

In recent years, fashion ornaments have become more and more in the body of young boys and girls. Some smart and discerning family have seen great business opportunities from them. Resin, plastic and acrylic are the technological ornaments, acrylic display shelves, acrylic food boxes, etc. are quietly rising.           

The texture of the resin is light, soft and greasy, has good plasticity, and has various shapes and effects. It has strong three-dimensional sense and rich color. It is best at showing the rich and bright colors of ornaments, and has been widely used in ornament circles.           

Plastics give the impression of cheap material, but the use of plastic as the basic material, combined with advanced production technology and surface treatment technology, and melting a variety of fashion elements, so as to make ornaments with light, plastic, durable, color car palace and many other advantages. It is also a popular product in the market.           

Compared with other materials, the cost of acrylic is slightly higher, but its color, type and hardness are higher than that of glass. In addition, the acrylic sheets used for home decoration will have different effects through built-in lighting and external lighting. The acrylic surface decorated with external light source will have a better sense of lightness, and the built-in lighting will give the acrylic plate a semi transparent visual effect.           

At present, monochrome or transparent acrylic materials are widely used in furniture veneers, or as furniture main materials. For example, the bar, bar stool, tea table and bathtub made of acrylic as the main material have the advantages of good finish and not fragile. And the acrylic board used for home decoration will often be added to further design, such as application in some modeling walls and ceilings.      

Compared with ordinary plastic materials, acrylic light transmittance is the best, transparent acrylic plate transmittance is even better than glass. Compared with the traditional glass material, the advantages of acrylic are even more prominent, among which the strong resistance is the most obvious advantage. It is said that in some countries, it has been made clear that the window glass of the children's activity place is replaced by acrylic plate. It is because of its strong resistance and unbreakable. The other advantage of acrylic is easier to process than the glass. At 180 C, it can be flexible and plastic, and the temperature can be cooled to room temperature. In addition, the density of acrylic material is smaller than that of glass, which is much lighter than that of the same volume material.           

Acrylic with high transparency, the transparent rate of 92%. good surface hardness and gloss, the "plastic crystal", "pigment Queen" reputation, and has excellent weather resistance, good processing plastic, can be made into various shapes of products. Acrylic is a kind of ornament material which has just emerged in recent years. Its appearance is like jade, pattern, pattern and color are not restricted by alloy ornaments. It has become another fashion of ornament, and the market trend is good at present.

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