Where You Can Customize The Acrylic Headset Display Rack

- Jan 21, 2018-

where you can customize the Acrylic headset display rack

Shenzhen Mingyu craftwork is a large factory made of professional acrylic products. For all kinds of products, it is designed and customized for acrylic display props without design cost.

As long as you have good products, need to show promotions, we provide the design for you. A production, one-stop service. More support for the drawing order, to sample acrylic products. A high-end display can attract more customers attention. Let the product sell more.

Following our new headset display, products using domestic acrylic plate, after polishing, hot bending, screen printing, adhesive molding! The backplane is detachable and the base is fixed. Perfect headset headset, line earplug. Bluetooth headsetThe whole product looks high, air and neat.

Our main variety: acrylic display rack, acrylic frame, acrylic box, mobile phone tray, acrylic mold, acrylic frame, cigarette smoke wine, acrylic acrylic acrylic food box data frame, acrylic products.

Our technology can achieve: manual glue adhesive without bubble, hot bending process is pitting, silk printing does not fade, punching nail plate, plate with its undivided 3-5 not yellow etc..

: acrylic display headset: many companies use acrylic display headset as gifts, as customers, acrylic display headset can be printed with corporate logo, advertising and other content, customers can be put on the desk, deepen customer impression of the company.

Another example: acrylic frame: our company is framed as a gift, as customers, modeling exquisite, affordable prices! And a special photo frame!