What Kinds Of Polishing Technology Are There In Donation Box With Lock

- Feb 03, 2018-

We know that the donation box with lock is made by polishing technology, which can make acrylic become clearer and transmittance better. So what kinds of polishing technology are there? Let me introduce it to you.

Donation Box With Lock

Depending on the composition of the equipment, any four polishing techniques can be used for steam polishing, polishing, plastic mechanical polishing and direct flame polishing.

1, steam polishing choose the solvent vapor flow surface acrylic plastic: this method is excellent internal function, but its acrylic acid is 1.5 clear finish processing, some cleaning is harmful. However, the best result is that mechanical processing and acrylic polishing should be made of plastic.

2, polishing acrylic acid has an outstanding finish: polishing is mainly for external appearance. In larger parts, polishing and rotary cutting of compound cotton wheel is a mechanical process. The micro scratches of wheel blades can make haze or unclear acrylic.

3, plastic mechanical polishing: choose professional mold production, polishing and finishing directly from a machine thing, though most technologies can produce messy appearance and almost perfect completion.

4, choose the hot flaming surface for flame polishing: the quality of paint finish depends on the technical level of the operator, and the best finish of flame polishing can be done.

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