What Kind Of Acrylic Display Stand Is Good?

- Jul 24, 2018-

1, when you buy a touch acrylic display rack, use your hands to judge its quality. High quality acrylic acid shows smooth surface, good feel, no fingerprints or other traces.

2, when the purchase of acrylic display lights should be paid attention. Because of the excellent light transmittance of acrylic resin, the best acrylic display usually has good transparency.

3. The stability and bearing capacity of acrylic display frame must be considered. In the good range of the acrylic display, under the standard load, light ductile articles will not have any deformation or slight deformation.

4. Material thickness is a simple measurement method for acrylic display rack. The thickness of acrylic displays will vary with different materials. Buyers can directly compare the thickness of the standard acrylic display rack to determine the quality of the product. The color is also observed. High quality acrylic display rack has uniform color and good integrity.