What Is The Best Material For Necklace Display

- Jan 19, 2018-

What is the best material for Necklace Display.

Jewellery is the cause of the value and grade of jewelry itself, so the Necklace Display rack is also a kind of high demand for material selection in the product Display. Compared with the ordinary product display rack, Necklace Display rack is not only for product placement and display, but also for the display rack's value to the product itself.

The commonly used materials for this kind of display are as follows:

The first is the plexiglass sheet. Necklace Display rack is a good display prop which has been widely used in recent years with the rise of exhibition and display industry. It is a chemical synthetic material with excellent transparency and machinability. It is also the most commonly used material for producing plexiglass display rack. It has been widely applied in many fields such as cosmetics, jewelry, cigarette and wine, digital products and so on. The Display made with acrylic plate can very well set off the glistening and glittering and glittering and glittering quality of the jewellery, and has good visual effect. Second is wood, leather. Wood and leather are the special materials used in the manufacture of jewellery Displays -

acrylic, especially in the display of some special meaning or especially valuable jewelry. The third is steel. Steel is made of more traditional Necklace Displays. Including mirror stainless steel, wire drawing

Rust steel, and so on, is a more common use material. But due to the traditional and production technology, many businesses have begun to abandon the steel display rack, and only use it in making the frame structure of jewelry and plexiglass display rack. As a carrier of jewelry, Necklace Display rack can successfully set up a good brand image of jewelry enterprises if it can be designed properly, and it can also help people to care deeply about the brand concern and memory of jewelry enterprises in ordinary life. At the same time, what can be obtained is that a very exquisite Necklace Display can improve the sales of the jewelry. So the design of a good jewelry showcase not only need to do creative design, but also need to choose the appropriate high-quality raw materials and acrylic to be able to showcase the essence of designing perfectly embodied most incisive.

Let's talk about how to deal with this at home and abroad.

First: separation and decomposition technology. At present, the foreign technology is more mature, can use plexiglass (acrylic products) how much added resin, and its melting point, the softening point is different, can use the technology to extract the resin, so that it can get the perfect use, but also will not harm the atmospheric environment, land resources. However, in the current domestic, the general use of artificial selection methods, which has low precision, high cost, low efficiency. After understanding this method, we should make classification of plexiglass (acrylic products) ahead of schedule, so that it can not only reduce losses caused by depreciation rate, but also make full use of resources.

Two: incineration, landfill. This can be said to be the most commonly used way in China. The above said widely used abroad is not suitable in China, burning and burying, polluting the environment and wasting land resources. Increase the cost of social later governance. How do we look at this and do a good job of classifying it, which is what we should do and what we should do


Three: Arts and crafts. Speaking of this might be a bit puzzled, how will the treatment crafts, this is only in a few lovers, they abandoned the use of acrylic (acrylic products) to produce every kind of crafts, very artistic. Of course, this is not the most important, they ultimately is the rational use of aging, acrylic waste the (acrylic products).

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