What Is The Application Range Of Acrylic?

- Jul 25, 2018-

Acrylic is widely used in various fields of civil products, such as:                        

* building materials industry: sanitary ware and accessories, doors and windows, clapboards, step waist wrench.                        

* Mechanical Instrument Industry: machine covers and accessories, watch glass calibration boards, electric wind wings, and relay covers.                        

* windshields, signal lights, indicator lights and lighting lampshades for Aeronautics and transportation, aircraft, ships, automobiles, etc.                        

* advertising signs: advertising towers, advertising boards, signboards, signs and signs.                        

* other industries: cultural products, handicrafts, jewelry, medical, optical and other industries.

Acrylic design and manufacture of handicrafts, not fragile, high compressive strength, easy to pack transportation, opened a broad prospect of development in the arts and crafts industry.

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