What Is Laser Engraving Acrylic?

- Aug 06, 2018-

When working with acrylic, many professional designers and manufacturers choose to work with a laser. Etching acrylic can be done by other means, such as with chemicals or a rotary engraving machine, but using a laser is often the favorite method of crafters who work with acrylic. Laser-engraving is often safer, and the equipment won’t wear down from normal wear and tear like a knife would. It also can be programmed to etch with photographic detail with very little fuss.

A laser is a highly concentrated beam that heats material to a very high temperature, which vaporizes the material. The result of laser-engraving acrylic is that the material becomes super-heated, effectively removing it as a result of evaporation. This processes doesn’t produce chips or dust, as is normal with other acrylic-engraving machine technologies.

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