What Are The Technical Requirements And Acceptance Criteria For The Acrylic Wine Display

- Feb 08, 2018-

What are the technical requirements and acceptance criteria for the Acrylic Wine Display

In recent years, Acrylic Wine Display orders very much, many people choose custom Acrylic Wine Display as gifts gifts, or as souvenirs to the collection, the more common Acrylic Wine Display with medals, decorations, ornaments etc.. Since it is required in accordance with arts and crafts, exquisite beauty, and so on, so the process of acrylic products Acrylic Wine Display than ordinary requirements much higher, high demand means more stringent quality requirements and acceptance criteria, comprehensive strength is the test of acrylic processing factory.

The following acrylic show rack supplier Ming Yu will talk to you: what are the technical requirements and acceptance criteria for Acrylic Wine Displays?

1, thickness tolerance: when the production of acrylic is limited due to the technical conditions, the plates produced are basically thickness tolerance. The difference is just the size of the tolerance. The Acrylic Wine Display has strict requirements for plate tolerance when selecting material.

2, accuracy: Acrylic Wine Display is much more accurate than ordinary acrylic products. The precision of some Acrylic Wine Displays is accurate to + 0.1mm, which requires that the precision of acrylic processing equipment is very high.

3, finish: if the thickness and accuracy of a bit error can solve communication with customers, Acrylic Wine Display finish determines the success or failure of crafts, after all the other two naked eye is invisible, and the surface of the Acrylic Wine Display is clean and one eye can see out of the polishing Acrylic Wine Display are professional, diamond polishing machine and polishing the best polishing.