What Are The Methods Of Acrylic Box Splicing?

- May 16, 2020-

             What are the methods of acrylic box splicing?

 Acrylic boxes are usually used for storage, display and packaging of products. Most commonly used acrylic boxes are "square". In order to make acrylic boxes, acrylic plates need to be cut and spliced. According to the size and thickness requirements, the splicing method of acrylic boxes is also different. In this special acrylic display stand wholesale factory, we will give you detailed answers to the related questions about acrylic boxes. Common splicing methods of acrylic boxes: 1. acrylic box splicing-hot bending Generally, when customers customize acrylic boxes, technicians will ask about the specific requirements of customers for the angle of the box splicing. If there is no special requirement, all sides of the box will be heat-bent, and all sides of the acrylic box which is heat-bent will be integrally formed. The overall effect of the product will be more round and beautiful. The splicing method of acrylic boxes is mostly suitable for packaging and display products.  

2. acrylic box splicing-direct adhesion The size of acrylic box made by direct bonding method may have errors. In the process of splicing acrylic plates at different positions, the thickness of the acrylic plates should be considered. This kind of method is mostly used for pasting inside the box for many times to separate different areas. Common products are inferior.