What Are The Differences Between Silk Screen And UV Printing On Acrylic Products?

- May 11, 2018-

1. Screen Printing: Printed on a flat surface. It is necessary to make plates and transfer ink (ink transfer is needed for experience). According to Pantone color number, man-made ones can only reach closeness. In addition to use such as "white, black", others need Pantone color number. Acrylic products in the screen printing, if it is a color, you only need to make a system board; if it is more than two, you need to make two, and so on analogy, so that when the color and transmutation color There is no strong UV printing on screen printing. The benefit of silk screen printing is that the cost of the previous board making fee is relatively high. In the post-processing process, if the LOGO or the font of the silk screen printed by the customer does not change, it can always be used. At this time, it only needs to bear the printing cost, and You can also change the color! The printing process is faster! Immediately after the printing is completed, because the ink is not dry, you can not touch any debris, including: fingerprints and other items, so as not to affect the ink silk screen printing effect. Wait until the ink is completely dry before proceeding to the next process!

2, UV printing: flat print, do not need to make the board, only need to have IA file can be, through similar mechanical equipment like a printer, print on the machine, print out that dry. The benefit of UV printing is that it is a good choice for many colors and gradients. And because it is a mechanical device, the default color is also relatively accurate.