What Are The Categories Of Products More Suitable For Display With Acrylic Display Rack?

- Jan 04, 2018-

What are the categories of products more suitable for display with acrylic display rack?

As a kind of high-grade plastic material, make the product, in addition to the original material of transparent acrylic material with high permeability, high brightness, no bubble, no matter is the appearance of the material texture, touch feel, very heavy feeling, suitable for use in the upscale clubs, exhibition halls, product introduction and other aspects. Enhance the brand image.

For example, the exhibition hall and exhibition in the new product introduction, product performance in the mall on the card and price promotions, bar, hotel and restaurant wine brand, menu cards, information business meeting name tags, bar, supermarket promotional cards, magazine rack, cafe, signs, corridors, various departments post cards, promotional materials shelf bank credit card application form, frame, post office express form frame, can be used for the production of organic glass products.

Organic glass / acrylic material to manufacture these products or materials can not only display, fashion design, exquisite appearance, if the product is printing mark or color printing promotional content, more companies can enhance the overall brand image, organic glass products exhibition promotional publicity materials is indispensable in many enterprises.

The following is a small edition of Ming Yu to explain the adhesive method of acrylic

1, first of all, the surface should be wiped clean. The best use of the adhesive bonding profile, which does not shake, is helpful to improve the bonding quality.

The thickness of the section is less than 3mm, and it can be directly injected by the syringe from the side to the glue evenly and slowly. When the UV curing lamp is irradiated for 3-5 minutes, the bonding can be finished.

The adhesive thickness is more than 3mm, can be pad into fine wire, using the capillary action principle of sizing, before irradiation out of metal wire by the ultraviolet curing lamp in sizing, or can be used to be glued to the parts affixed with glue tape to protect, leaving parts coated with glue, and then ramp into the acrylic sheet extrusion bubble. The UV curing lamp is irradiated for 3-5 minutes to complete the bonding.

2, inclined plane bonding

The adhesive must be inclined 90 degrees to prevent copying, sticky surface displacement.

When the glue is coated, it should be uniform and slow. The UV curing lamp is irradiated for 3-5 minutes to complete the bonding. To be completely removed after curing profiling.

3, plane bonding

Plane bonding is a very special method.

First, the sticky surface will be cleaned and placed horizontally and glued on it.

The side of another acrylic plate is slanted and touched on the acrylic covered with glue, then slowly down, and bubbles are extruded from one side or clamped by clamps. The UV curing lamp is irradiated for 3-5 minutes to complete the bonding.