What Are The Advantages Of The Acrylic Frame ?

- Jul 26, 2018-

Acrylic frame can prevent discoloration of photos. The acrylic frame has a good anti - fall function. If there are children in the home, there will have security risks in the glass photo frame. But if use acrylic photo frame will not have such potential hazards.


In fact, we often see many acrylic products in our life. They are not only beautiful. It is also very practical, and the greatest advantage of acrylic photo frame is not so easily broken as glass. Even if it is destroyed, it will not form a sharp fragment like glass.


Our acrylic material has good plasticity, so the shape of the acrylic photo frame is diversified. You can safely choose the pattern you like as the border, or no frameless. It can always feel beautiful.

 Acrylic photo frame is compared with other material photo frame. Our acrylic photo frame has 8 advantages:


1. Durable, environmentally friendly, and easy to clean.


2, much lighter than other materials, and the density of acrylic material is smaller than that of glass.


3.acrylic photo frame can be make any shape what you want


4, the high plasticity of acrylic plates makes acrylic frames available in the process of making more room for development, and is easy to make exquisite and high-end.


5, acrylic light transmittance is the best, transparent acrylic plate light transmittance is better than glass, acrylic transparent sheet as a frame, can make the photo more clear.


6, acrylic products are also relatively good oxidation resistance, generally not easy to deformation and discoloration.


7, acrylic photo frame is like crystal transparency, soft light, clear vision, good toughness, strong repair, and is not easy to damage.


8, when you want clean it, you can wipe the sanitary ware with a soft foam dipped in some toothpaste.

Besides, acrylic frame is also a good choice for gifts.

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