What Are Some Relevant Knowledge About Acrylic Processing?

- Jul 22, 2019-

1. The surface hardness of plexiglass (acrylic) is equivalent to that of aluminum. Scratches on the surface should be avoided during application or processing. The surface of plexiglass plate is generally protected by kraft paper or transparent film, so try not to tear it apart.If scratched, the original glossy surface can be restored by polishing technology.

 2. The thermal deformation temperature of plexiglass (acrylic) is about 100 degrees, and the continuous temperature should not be higher than 90 degrees. It is easy to deform under high temperature and cannot be placed in a place with continuous high temperature.

3. Plexiglass (acrylic) is prone to static electricity and absorb dust. Clean with soft cotton cloth dipped in 1% soapy water.

4. The plexiglass (acrylic) casting plate has a certain expansion coefficient. When installing the plexiglass (acrylic) plate, it is necessary to consider leaving enough expansion gap.