Two Design Points Of Acrylic Jewelry Display

- Mar 01, 2018-

Acrylic is characterized by high quality and good gloss. The jewelry display frame used by it can add light to the jewelry, making the ornaments in the window more dazzling. But all things have two sides, acrylic jewelry display frame is not all can play a positive role for the product. In the design of the display frame, we do the following 2 points, and we can design a suitable display frame for the jewelry in the store:

First of all, the color selection and collocation of acrylic. Just from the cost point of view, we know that the price of the colored acrylic unit is slightly higher than that of the transparent acrylic, and the price reflects the market demand to a certain extent. The color of the acrylic color board is good and easy to be processed. It is a hot choice to make the jewelry display frame with white acrylic. In view of the jewelry shop inside its own orchestra, usually for lighting display each jewelry design lamp, chandelier, light of different colors to display different display effect. Designers should take into account the effect of the actual lighting effect in the shop, such as transparent acrylic can be well adapted to the change of light color.

Secondly, the harmony of series combination should be paid attention to in the design of acrylic jewelry. A set of acrylic jewelry display is made up of necklace, ring, earring, bracelet and so on. The design of acrylic jewelry display is both convenient for individual display and convenient for complete display. Color matching is a point that the appearance designer should pay attention to, and now this is what the structural designer should pay attention to.