The Widely Used Acrylic Food Box

- Jul 27, 2018-

Are you curious about the fact that the food box with dried fruit, candy or snacks in the supermarket is transparent. Its transparency is like glass,but It was not as dull as glass, and it was not as heavy as glass.So what is this kind of food box made of?

It is a acrylic food box that is very commonly used in store, also called acrylic food display box,acrylic candy boxes, acrylic dried fruit box, they are commonly used in shopping malls, stores, supermarkets to sell food.Because acrylic food box has many good characteristics such as transparent,light weight and strong pressure,make its application is extensive, especially acrylic material non-toxic no radiation environmental performance.

Acrylic display box adopts food grade acrylic materials, hot bending technology, pervious to light quality, design is contracted and generous, wear resistance, heat resistance, easy to scrub, environmental protection, high bending strength.The box is suitable for food storage and display, apply to the bakery and store food show. It can be used as an acrylic candy box/food box/food case/food cover,is high quality retail display props.

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