The Whole Processing Flow Of The Acrylic Bottle Glorifier

- Feb 21, 2018-

Opening material: cutting the acrylic bottle glorifier with cutting machine or cutting with laser cutting machine. This needs to clarify the size of acrylic bottle glorifier products, so as to accurately open material, so as to avoid material waste.

Engraving: after the completion of the material, according to the shape requirements of the acrylic bottle glorifier products, we first carve out the acrylic bottle glorifier plates, and carve them into different shapes.

Trimming: after opening or carving, acrylic bottle glorifier has rough edges, so acrylic bottle glorifier trimming should be applied to trimming machine.

Punching: this process is based on the requirements of acrylic bottle glorifier products, and there are small round holes in some acrylic bottle glorifier products. This step is to use the drilling technology.

Polishing: after cutting, carving and drilling have rough edges, easy to scratch, so the polishing process, the polishing is divided into grinding polishing, polishing and polishing and polishing to fire, choose different ways according to the product. The polishing process of acrylic bottle glorifier products is examined by specific methods.

Tearing paper: the tearing process is the process before the screen printing and hot bending process, because the acrylic bottle glorifier will have a protective paper after leaving the factory, and the sticker stuck on the acrylic bottle glorifier must be torn off before the screen printing and hot bending.

Screen printing: this step is usually a customer's need to show his brand LOGO or slogan, silk screen will be selected, and screen printing can be divided into 2 kinds of silk screen printing methods: single color silk screen and four color (CNYK) screen printing. We can understand the process of silk printing for acrylic bottle glorifier products.

Hot bending: the acrylic bottle glorifier can be changed into different shapes by hot bending, and it is divided into local hot bending and whole hot bending in hot bending. We can see the hot bending process of acrylic bottle glorifier products.

Adhesive: acrylic bottle glorifier due to soluble in chloroform, so the interaction between adhesive acrylic bottle glorifier does not need other adhesives, as long as the use of a small syringe (usually 5ml) to draw a small amount of liquid chloroform, gently uniformly to the chloroform extrusion bonding stress display surface, bonding the press immediately, until the liquid after evaporation acrylic bottle glorifier, stick together. Here we should pay attention to the amount of chloroform, if too small, the bonded area is too small, not strong; if too much flow to the other surface, will leave marks, affect the appearance, and the bubble material deformation, will also affect the quality, and to increase the junction area, sprinkle some powder acrylic bottle glorifier in the surrounding (collected in the file acrylic bottle glorifier of the powder, and then drops of chloroform). In addition, trichloromethane is a toxic chemical, and the wound can not be operated on the hand so as not to immerse the body from the wound.

Packing: these 1 steps are the last 1 steps in the craft of acrylic bottle glorifier products, and complete the assembly of the whole part of the acrylic bottle glorifier and the packing before the factory.

The above is the process of the acrylic bottle glorifier processing, I hope to help you.