How To Remove The Smell Of Acrylic Electronic Stand

- Feb 11, 2018-

How to remove the smell of Acrylic Electronic Stand

Acrylic Electronic Stand as a kind of green environmental protection non-toxic materials, itself is not what taste, because using acrylic glue adhesive molding, so we finished on the smell is largely the smell of glue, market of aAcrylic Electronic Stand there are many kinds of cases: shadeless glue, instant glue, epoxy glue, UV glue, polyurethane ester gum etc.. So how do you get rid of the glue?

First trick: cleaning! Clean up with clean water or rinse water! (other water is not good to avoid causing the box to deform or yellow).

Second: ventilation for 2-3 days, the lid of the product can open the lid, put in the ventilation to dry!

The third measure: grapefruit skin odor! At the same time the ventilation can be 3-4 grapefruit peel into the box!

This three glue smell very light!