Acrylic Display Rack Supplier Inscription Arts And Crafts Tell You: The Production Process Of Acrylic Wine Display

- Feb 01, 2018-

Acrylic display rack supplier inscription arts and crafts tell you: the production process of acrylic wine display

In the present world, more and more people like to buy wine glasses at home, as well as special wine, and then the family has a romantic life. When it comes to the cup, it has to be made of acrylic. acrylic wine display is in fact made of acrylic for the use of wine to put on the shelf. acrylic wine display that arc, the material is really beautiful ineffable. Do you know what a beautiful acrylic wine display needs to be made of? Let Acrylic display rack supplier inscription arts and crafts tell you:

1: cutting

Laser cutting is a kind of non-contact laser cutting method, cutting all kinds of pattern words, is irradiated to release the energy surface of acrylic acrylic sheet melted by laser beam cutting method, can be cut into various complex materials accurately by laser cutting, all materials only need to be polished.

2: punching

There are two kinds of drilling holes in which 1. drilling machines are punched. 2.CNC punching: it's very convenient to punch holes by machine. We only need to use computers to map the drawings on the computer to enter the CNC machine, and the machine will run automatically.

3: hot bending

The hot bending of acrylic can be achieved by several different methods. It can also put many acrylic sheets on a set of hot bending machines and setting dies for thermal bending. Most of the hot bending is only hot bending of single or parallel lines, and the angle of hot bending can be controlled according to the stereotype.

4: bonding

Bonding is a very strict process, not only to position the position, but also to a high demand for the firmness of the product.

5: assembly

The assembly believes that everyone knows that it is a combination of multiple parts for a series of parts, and finally a complete product.

6: Examination

After the final inspection of the quality of the product, it is determined that the product is packed out of the factory without scratches.