The Production Process Of Acrylic Products Acrylic Display Rack And Aging Method

- Jan 05, 2018-

The production process of acrylic products acrylic display rack and aging method

The majority of acrylic display rack for electronic and electrical appliances, tobacco, glasses, cosmetics and other industries, is not uncommon in our daily life. In the market design are almost the same as acrylic display rack, design is not particularly attractive, which requires materials and technology to, or try to add some functions. Today to introduce the production process of acrylic display rack.

1, first of all, through the understanding of customer products, each product to design their display mode according to the characteristics of products, the product is not a simple display, you can use some unique point of view, different directions to fully demonstrate the product, your company should be customized product pictures, size and packaging requirements and printing requirements clear at the same time also can according to customer requirements; to design tailor-made for the market demand of acrylic products.

2. make samples; we will make samples according to customer requirements, and reasonable charge for the samples, the sample cost can be big goods to make payment for goods, this is just a way to express the sincerity of both sides, proofing out, may also need to adjust the customer, may need to be improved, no problem before entering the proofing production, so in order to complete the production process of display.

3, price: design made the right offer, began to also further proofing, proofing design, not only showing the effect of design, need to design the structure of the general display batch, to release to the country, display using disassembly way, small packaging volume easy storage and transportation. To pay the deposit according to the number of types of customers and orders, generally for 30% of the total amount, we Dongguan male cloth display products Co. Ltd will buy raw materials in the deposit is received within 24 hours after, to arrange production according to delivery date.

The processing methods of acrylic products:

With the extensive application of acrylic products, people begin to realize that this new material brings us great convenience, enriches our life, and adds a beautiful color to our night. However, due to the wide application of the society, past social laws tell us that when a thing develops rapidly, it brings great development to the society, and its harm is also unprecedented. The addition of acrylic products also has a certain service life. When the age of aging, it is bound to bring some harm to the society and garbage.

Let's talk about how to deal with this at home and abroad.

1: separation and decomposition technology. At present, the foreign technology is more mature, how many can use resin acrylic products added, and the melting point, the softening point is different, can use the technology to extract the resin, can make it perfect by, of course will not harm the atmospheric environment, land resources. However, in the current domestic, the general use of artificial selection methods, which has low precision, high cost, low efficiency. After understanding this method, we should make the classification of acrylic products ahead of schedule, so that we can not only reduce the loss caused by depreciation rate, but also make full use of resources.

2: incineration, landfill. This can be said to be the most commonly used way in China. The above said widely used abroad is not suitable in China, burning and burying, polluting the environment and wasting land resources. Increase the cost of social later governance. For this, how should we look at it and do a good job of classification, which is what we should do and the responsibility that we should do.

3: arts and crafts. Speaking of this might be a bit puzzled, how will the treatment crafts, this is only in a small number of enthusiasts, they use acrylic products waste produced every kind of crafts, very artistic. Of course, this is not the most important, they ultimately is the rational use of aging, acrylic products waste.