The Product Sales In The Acrylic Display Rack On What Effect

- Jan 06, 2018-

The product sales in the acrylic display rack what effect

Acrylic display rack can play what role in sales? Whether products in shopping malls or stores need to use display frames to display products, acrylic display rack is equivalent to product packaging and advertising. How can it stand out from attractive products to attract consumers' perspective? A beautifully crafted, creative acrylic display rack play an important role in the display of goods, can improve product visibility, enhance product image, to the product plus.

So what is the acrylic display rack? To understand what is the selection of acrylic, acrylic and organic glass, is a development of earlier thermal plastic, made with acrylic display has the characteristics of environmental light, high transparency, good transparency and good visual effects, make the acrylic display rack display products become the best choice!

What are the advantages of the acrylic display frame compared to the traditional material made of the display frame? We all know that the traditional product made of wood, glass, frame with plastic, metal, wood, glass, acrylic display rack compared to display easy processing and plasticity; than plastic display durable, not easy to damage; display the price lower than that of the metal, and light weight; can be said to display the traditional the material of acrylic display rack can be made of acrylic display, transparent luster, and compressive ability, looks exquisite and elegant, highly transparent effect for customers of products at a glance.

The acrylic display rack has more than one "face". Compared with traditional materials, the display rack has a single color and a variety of acrylic materials. Besides the conventional rainbow color system, there are other special colors, which make the design of acrylic display rack more imagination, so as to attract consumers and expose products.

What's the difference between the organic glass and the ordinary glass products?

It looks like a family, and it's actually two different products. Ordinary glass is mainly containing silicate, but the main component of the organic glass is acetone, methanol, sulfuric acid and hydrogen cyanide.

The character of organic glass is much more tough than ordinary glass. Despite its density than ordinary glass 50%, not easy to crumble. Its transparency is good, crystal clear, and has good thermal plasticity. It can be heated to any bar, glass tube or glass plate. Because of its good transparency and rigidity, it has wide uses.

When a jet plane flies at high speed, it often meets intense vibration, sudden change of temperature and pressure of air flow. This is a severe test for the window glass of aircraft cabin. And the test is organic glass. If a fighter is in pursuit of enemy, the plexiglass is hit by bullet, it will not break up completely, but only wear a small hole, so that no more accidents like glass fragment will happen.

The thickness of the ordinary glass more than 15 centimeters, will become green, and can not see through the glass. The organic glass products are 1 meters thick, and they can clearly see the things on the opposite side. Because of its good transmittance and ultraviolet radiation, it can be penetrable, so it is often used to make optical instruments.

In addition there is a performance of organic glass is amazing, an organic glass bending bar, as long as the curvature is less than 48 degrees, the light can follow it, like water through a pipe back projection. The light can take a bend, how interesting it is! Using this stunning, it becomes the treasure of the glassware making surgery. So, when doctors operate in the operation room, you don't have to worry about it.

Organic glass is light, tough, chemically stable, hot and plastic, so it is widely used. There is a need to contact the manufacturer.