What Is The Process For The Processing Of Acrylic Logo Block?

- Jan 11, 2018-

What is the process for the processing of acrylic logo block?

1. Processing of acrylic logo block - engraving:

Carving processing acrylic logo block is glass products, one of the main processes of acrylic logo block is mainly used for processing some irregular shapes, such as acrylic logo block display, the acrylic logo block processing products is through the acrylic logo block processing, carving, carving out according to the customer demand of different shapes.

2. acrylic logo block processing - Opening:

The conventional acrylic logo block plate size is 1.2*2.4 meters, is expected to open the processing of acrylic logo block sheet into small pieces of sheet size required, generally adopts high precision sliding table saw, the error can be controlled within 0.5 mm, acrylic logo block display materials process generally need to control the precision and is out of the material is right. 

3. acrylic logo block processing - trimming: 

The material of the acrylic logo block display rack is as clean as a mirror, but the edge is lost after the material is opened. Then trimming can make the surface that is not smooth enough to be trimmed. When it is opened, it usually needs to enlarge 1 millimeters for trimming. 

4. acrylic logo block processing - laser cutting: 

Laser cutting is mainly for cutting the material of the heterosexual PMMA display rack. The whole computer is controlled. The thickness of the general laser cutting should not exceed 10 millimeters. The edge of the cutting board with 10 mm or more is not ideal. Such as complex shaped plexiglass plates, the characters of acrylic logo block are made by laser cutting. 

5. acrylic logo block processing - hot bending: 

At present, the hot bending of the plexiglass sheet is mainly to make the sheet bending along a straight line. Through the heating wire, the part of the plexiglass sheet is partially heated and softened, and it is cooled by the custom molding. 

6. acrylic logo block processing - bonding: 

A good start is to bond with the acrylic logo block adhesive in bonding potion molding, process control to no bubbles, the adhesive surface error is small, the effect of beautiful appearance, high firmness. 

The quality of the plexiglass sheet is: 

acrylic logo block crafts have the advantages of transparency, light quality, weathering resistance, impact resistance and easy forming. Its molding methods include casting, ejection molding, mechanical processing, thermoforming, etc. In particular, it can be produced by a mold and can be produced in large quantities, and the process is simple and the cost is low. 

Based on these excellent characteristics, it is possible to get a place in the varieties of craft gifts, so we can see that its excellent quality and cost performance can lay such a deep praise in the minds of all processing enterprises and consumers.