The Details Of The Details Of The Acrylic Jewelry Display

- Feb 08, 2018-

The details of the details of the acrylic jewelry display

Acrylic display application scope is very broad, it is mainly used in hotels, shopping malls, large stores location for the display of goods, acrylic display rack classification and acrylic watch display, acrylic display rack, acrylic display computer camera etc..

acrylic jewelry display has excellent weather resistance, even if the performance of acrylic products in the wind and rain is constant, it is the good product of jewelry display. It is also because acrylic has the characteristics of more than 92% transparency and non-toxic, so it is widely used.

Acrylic jewelry display has strong processing performance, variety, rich colors, translucent, exquisite and perfect, to make the finishing point for the jewelry exhibition, the acrylic jewelry display are clean, must use clean cotton cloth to wipe, if it is wet cloth, to wring the water wipe.

Acrylic jewelry display is formed by acrylic processing, used to display all kinds of jewelry, jade, jewelry and other products display props, common Necklace Display, earrings display, acrylic jewelry display can put a lot of jewelry, promotion personnel reduce, reduce the cost for many enterprises.