The Acrylic Mobile Phone Holder

- Jul 31, 2018-

  We went to buy  mobile phone, IPad, as customers we may only focus on the purchase of electronic products you need.While,we are seldom aware of the display stand behind those electronic products.We may consider that display may made of glass or plastic. In fact, most of them are made of acrylic/PMMA.Different from traditional displays,like glass or alloy, acrylic displays are a kind of new displays with many advantages.

  In order to highlight the features of electronic products, stores often use those special and high-end displays to hold their products.Plastic displays are light but with low transparency; Glass displays are highly transparent but easily fragile.Therefore, these two kind of displays can not meet the requests of todays stores. 

  Acrylic mobile phone holder combine all advantages of both plastic and glass, lightweight, high transparency and good workability, which are best substitutes of glass and plastic.Now acrylic mobile phone holder are popular in all kinds of stores, playing an important roles for product display.

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