Solution Of Casting Production Of Acrylic Electronic Stand

- Feb 11, 2018-

Solution of casting production of Acrylic Electronic Stand

The overall casting of acrylic packaging box will cause a interference fit of the spindle, and the size of the mesh is uniform when a gap fits. The size of the gap is uneven or even polished.

Are we in view of the above problems are improved: Acrylic Electronic Stand is integrally cast, hole size inconsistency, roundness, straightness is poor, so the boring processing of acrylic products in the hole in the rough boring hole, boring hole, so as to improve the precision of the inner holes. In order to ensure the machining precision of the boring inner hole, the inner hole of the self-made part and the outer circle of the heart are filled with interference, and the amount of interference is 0.02 - 0.03mm.

The hollow core shaft is treated with ice cold (- 30 C), and after 2 hours of heat preservation, it is quickly pressed into the inner hole of the part. Through the above improvement, the outer circle of the Acrylic Electronic Stand is grinded again, and all the processing precision after processing meets the requirements.