Shenzhen Where Customized Acrylic Cosmetic Display

- Jan 24, 2018-

Acrylic products more and more manufacturers, Shenzhen where customized acrylic cosmetic display.

If you usually notice, you will see that the past cosmetic glass showcase is mostly replaced by acrylic cosmetic display rack. Why? Acrylic cosmetic Showcase production is a kind of environmental protection material essential, processing performance is very good, wide variety, rich colors, translucent, exquisite and perfect, to make the finishing point for cosmetics, make your shop let go have a feeling of luxury gas find everything fresh and new. It is this visual effect that makes the cosmetic promotion work more smooth and greatly improves the store performance. If you want to make cosmetics more attractive, you can't leave the cosmetics display with acrylic. The following article is a detailed explanation of the acrylic display frame, the acrylic display frame brand, the acrylic display frame price information, as a reference.

The current Chinese acrylic market brands emerge in an endless stream, and the prices vary greatly. So what are the famous brands? On the acrylic board, on the domestic market, the import board, the Taiwanese capital board and the domestic board occupy the most part of the acrylic board. Japan's MITSUBISHI and German degu are the main support of the domestic acrylic import board. MITSUBISHI and Germany have excellent transparency, good weatherability, excellent processing and comprehensive properties, and have the characteristics of environmental protection and non-toxic. In the cosmetics acrylic display cabinet, Shenzhen Mingyu Handicraft Co., Ltd. is the first choice. Since its establishment in the mainland in 2009, has been 10 years of production history, the existing more than 6000 square meters factory, is a professional production of acrylic cosmetic display and related products factory, the existing staff and professional management staff more than 300 people, the company management philosophy is "people-oriented, scientific management, quality leading, customer trust" the company has passed ISO9001-2008 quality management system, C-TPAT anti-terrorism and social responsibility certification".