Shenzhen Acrylic Display Custom Manufacturer-Acrylic Watch Holder

- Dec 29, 2017-

Shenzhen acrylic display custom manufacturer of outstanding technical backbone, a production space 4000 square multiple large-scale processing equipment - SHENZHEN MINGYU CRAFTS CO., LTD outstanding technical backbone, multiple large-scale processing equipment, imported laser cutting machine, engraving machine, CNC, hot press, diamond polishing machine, screen printing machine so, to meet a variety of complex, high-volume production needs of acrylic products,

Electronic (IT): acrylic frame, acrylic frame, mobile phone USB MP3/MP4 display, VCD display, organic glass display, digital camera, notebook computer display, camera display, ACRYLIC remote frame ornaments. Battery box, image display cabinet, exclusive cabinet and so on.

Decoration categories: organic glass ornaments, property signs, billboards, image cards, paper towel boxes and so on.

Tobacco liquor: cigarette rack, plastic cigarette case, wine, wine, wine brand, acrylic tribrachs card, alcohol and tobacco monopoly cabinet etc..

A showcase: data frame, penholder, shoes, glasses, watches, stationery display, name card holder, acrylic calendar seat etc..

Women's products: cosmetics display, jewelry boxes, jewelry items, jewelry exhibition image, brand showcase. Fine class: seat, fish, like frame, box, paperweights, exhibition box, distribution brand.

Crystal arts and crafts: crystal cup, crystal model, crystal inside, crystal ornament. Crystal glue category: crystal glue handicraft, genuine product inside.

Organic rotating display: a display, is used for watches, jewelry, boutique, mobile phone, MP3, communication facilities display, display the center there is a lamp on a lamp, can, can demonstrate the full range of product features. Elegant style, noble and elegant, and good decorative effect, organic rotation display frame to make the product play an extraordinary charm.

1, according to the display style can be divided into: floor type display, magnetic display, desktop display, hanging display, special display, thematic display Duitou, rotating display, display of Runyang professional custom.

2, according to the material can be divided into: paper display, metal display, organic glass display rack, display rack. Titanium alloy composite display

3, display rack can be divided into: exhibition display rack, clothing display rack, food display rack, lubricating oil display rack, data display rack, jewelry display rack, publicity and display rack, cosmetics display rack and so on.

Now, the range of acrylic products display rack is more and more widely used in all walks of life in the application of acrylic products, with the development of the times. Why is acrylic display rack so widely applied? Below, let me see the characteristics of acrylic display rack from the acrylic display rack from the appearance and acrylic display rack.

Elegant and good decorative effect. Acrylic display rack is beautiful in appearance, strong in structure, free in assembly, quick in assembly and disassembly, and convenient in transportation. And the exquisite display frame style is beautiful. The display frame makes the product have the extraordinary charm.