Several Materials Commonly Used In The Booth

- Sep 07, 2018-


Advantages: The structure is adjustable, can make various design effects, and the price is moderate.

Disadvantages: The material is heavy and difficult to move.

2. Stainless steel material

Advantages: It has anti-deformation, ultra-high strength, wear resistance, high hardness, no rust, and the effect after high-brightness polishing.

Disadvantages: The structure is not strong, abstract graphics are more difficult, fingerprints are more likely to occur, and should be cleaned up frequently.

3.metallic material

Advantages: low material prices and light materials.

Disadvantages: The structure changes little, it is difficult to make various effects, if the overall material supermarket display frame is made of metal materials to lack the taste of design.

4. Acrylic

Advantages: Fully shiny and translucent effect, relative to external weather resistance, relative to strong, sulfuric acid, with certain durability, resistance to deformation or shrinkage, resistant to materials such as supermarket display racks.

Disadvantages: The material is heavy, brittle and expensive. Therefore, what kind of display materials should be designed when doing supermarket display racks to fully reflect the characteristics of their products, so as to better show them to customers.

5. Glass

Advantages: low material prices and transparency.

Disadvantages: The material is heavy and brittle.