Several Key Points In The Design Of Acrylic Cosmetics Display Stand

- Aug 07, 2018-

1, The beauty of art:
Acrylic cosmetics shelf display, under the premise of maintaining independent beauty cosmetics, through the artistic modeling, the cosmetics are cleverly arranged and reflected each other to realize the overall artistic effect of aesthetics. You can also use some suitable accessories, such as the use of artistic techniques to display beauty cosmetics.

2, Declare:
Acrylic cosmetics cases and various information, such as price, product number, materials, brand, place of origin, etc., should be comprehensive, real and convenient for consumers to fully understand cosmetic products.

3, Mark:
In order to attract consumers and facilitate consumers to visit and purchase, retail stores should flexibly choose cosmetics, display space, display position, stacking method, etc. according to the characteristics of cosmetics display parts, so that customers can be seen at a glance.

4, Rich feeling:
Cosmetics are optional products. I hope that when consumers buy more choices, the quality, style, color and price will be more detailed. When the cosmetics are displayed in an orderly manner, the products are complete and rich, and the consumers feel the choice, the store has a feeling of prosperity.

5, Rationalization:
According to the consumer's psychological needs and shopping habits, the same variety or the same series of acrylic cosmetics shelves should be displayed in the same position. Suitable for the height of the display, convenient for consumers to watch the experience, improve the visibility of cosmetics and positive visual effects.

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