Production Of Acrylic Machines

- Jul 26, 2018-

Cutting Machine:Before the unprocessed acrylic sheet is a whole piece, a large piece, the first step in the processing of acrylic products is the need to cut the sheet material. According to the type of plate selected by the customer and the drawings and sizes that need to be processed, we use the professional cutting machine to cut the material.

CNC Engraving Machine:CNC engraving machine is suitable for cutting and processing of all kinds of plates. acrylic cutting, chamfering, and other processes all use CNC engraving machiine. Our customers often customize the acrylic signage, advertising signs and so on often used CNC engraving machine for processing.

Hot Bending Machine:Acrylic bending machine is a kind of equipment for processing acrylic (plexiglass), PC, PVC and other plastic sheets. The hot bending machine is exposed in the air. Before processing, it is necessary to measure the size, place the mold, and turn on the power. After heating the bending machine to a certain extent, the plate is put into the mold. The advantages of acrylic bending machine are: accurate bending angle, fast speed, high efficiency, no deformation, no pasting board, no foaming, etc.

Diamond Polishing Machine:In the process of acrylic processing, there will be a lot of some rough edges, it will affect the whole products beautiful, then with a polishing machine polishing processing of acrylic products, made acrylic products around the edges more smooth and glossy. For acrylic jewelry display stand, acrylic watch display frame, acrylic cosmetics display rack these high-end goods display props, we will pay special attention to polishing this process.

The above is the main production machine for acrylic processing. Do you have a certain understanding of acrylic processing now, if you want to know more, The following is our contact information. Welcome to our company for consultation.

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