How Is The Weight Bearing Performance Of Acrylic Cosmetic Display Rack

- Jan 07, 2018-

The bearing performance of acrylic cosmetic display

Acrylic cosmetic display in the promotion brand awareness in the process, play a subtle role, set up a special counter in the major city of the large supermarkets, through the excellent design, the brand image of the face of the vast number of consumers to display counters, unified image, unified price, policy, give consumers around a complete the concept of the brand, is also one of the important functions of acrylic display props.


So what about the force of the acrylic display frame? Show your answer: exquisite acrylic display rack in the domestic market began to heat up, and because the acrylic material bearing capacity because of the display cabinet with acrylic display rack when custom acrylic, must take into account the thickness, and the thickness of the number by carrying products and.


Acrylic display frame to be more thick is not a clear standard, depending on the customer's heavy demand. Generally speaking, the decoration can be used in 2mm, if the weight is at least 3mm or more, it should be determined according to the structure. The weight bearing capacity of 3mm to 5mm has been able to bear, and it is generally used in the weight of the acrylic display shelves, such as shoes, mobile phones, watches, jewelry and so on.


In addition, the strength of acrylic display rack is more than ten times that of glass. Acrylic material is widely applied to building and home decoration industry, so its durability is not doubtful. Exquisite exhibition is a professional manufacturer of various acrylic display shelves, and it is also an integrated manufacturer of acrylic sheet production and display.


Yu Ming, for we know why the price of acrylic cosmetic display than some material?

For people who often do display purchase, the purchase price of acrylic cosmetic display often makes such a feeling, why acrylic cosmetic than other expensive rack. Why the same size display because only material problems caused such a big difference? This problem is really puzzling, not knowledgeable people are naturally unable to understand. Now, what are the factors that affect the price of the display rack? What's the reason now?

1. The impact of cost on price

The cost is the most important factor that can not be ignored. The cost here is mainly the labor cost and the material cost. With the rise of the economic level, the labor cost is increasing in the current production of enterprises. The rising wage of workers is also destined to increase the labor cost allocated by the production products. In terms of materials, different sizes and materials require different hardware, lighting, decoration and fabrication of structural materials. The difference between materials also results in the price difference of finished products.

Two. The impact of the cost on the price

Effect of display price factors include installation costs and transportation costs, display from the factory to the merchant stores are generally through the transport of goods, logistics costs are impossible to avoid, as for the level to see the differences between regions.

Three. The effect of profit on the price

Display manufacturing always profitable, the control range of display price profit depends on the attitude of the manufacturer. As a labor-intensive industry, making mass production display the general control of the low profit, if a single production if its profit is great.

Four. The impact of customization on the price

Some customers because of its own product design and production, most of the products are different from the market, and the products of different brands are also very different, so the display is tailored for the customer, this is personnel costs will increase, much experience of the concept and structure of designers, designers, production and go to a different cutting die, it will increase the cost of some, if not tailored to buy a market display, that will be cheaper.

The above is a brief summary of some factors affecting the price of acrylic products.