MINGYU CRAFTS Teach You To Buy Acrylic Display

- Dec 30, 2017-

In recent years, the figure of acrylic display rack is everywhere, and its application range includes cosmetic display, jewelry display, digital product display, mobile phone display, high-end wine display, high-end watch display and so on. Acrylic board itself has good and bad points, so the acrylic display rack has good and bad points. So what are the principles for selecting acrylic shelves? SHENZHEN MINGYU CRAFTS CO., LTD. is a high-grade acrylic cosmetic display, display rack, merchandise display, mobile phone display, display appliance, glasses, jewelry display, photo frame display and store display (box) professional manufacturers, MINGYU CRAFTS experts together to tell us, the most important is the choice of material, only to choose, you can consider the next choice.

In order to further select high-quality display products, first, we can touch acrylic display rack by hand feel, and we can judge the quality status based on this feeling. The acrylic display rack surface water chestnut rounded and smooth, feel good and do not have fingerprint scratching phenomenon.

Secondly, in the purchase is the need to pay attention to transparent acrylic display rack, because many small factories in order to maximize profits in the material can be made of recycled materials, recycling materials made of this sheet will exist moldy, yellowing phenomenon from the appearance is very easy to see, and the texture is also very crisp, good acrylic is transparent strong, the use of raw materials must be pollution-free high-quality raw materials for environmental protection. For the product, it is mainly from the appearance to distinguish it.

Finally, stability and capacity of acrylic display rack must be taken into account, the acrylic display rack will appear will not place items in the standard range of any written distortion deformation, and show the uniformity of the plate frame, and the thickness is the same, can participate in the standard acrylic display rack thickness comparison. And good acrylic display frame color is also very uniform, the integrity of the whole very good!