Make A Clear Acrylic Subwoofer Box

- Dec 11, 2017-

Acrylic glass, is a multifunctional material ideal for transparent structures such as display cases, subwoofer boxes, and other household items. Especially when making a clear sub box, this material is more stronger and more reliable than glass, and car owners can play their music on maximum volume without having to worry about shattering the box. Furthermore, with a transparent sub box, owners can actually see inside of their sub box and outfit it with stylish LED lights. Although building a clear sub box is certainly time-consuming, the process can be quite rewarding and it can transform a car's trunk into the ultimate music center.

1 - Materials Needed

Before building a clear sub box, gather all of the necessary materials. Although the actual construction takes at least a day, it is important to have the materials organized in the workshop. The most important material is the actual acrylic sheets. In most cases, knowing the exact dimensions of the box before purchasing the acrylic sheets can eliminate the cutting process. However, finding exact dimensions can be difficult, and it is best to choose sheets as close to the box dimensions as possible.

Other essential materials for this project include a compass, a drill, a jigsaw, and quality acrylic glue. Additionally, do it by yourselfer need to have a subwoofer ready to install inside of the box during the build.

2 - Planning the Subwoofer Box Shape

Diligent planning determines the effectiveness, style, and durability of the box, and you must determine the cubic dimensions of the box while also figuring out how much air space the subwoofer needs. For example, a P3 style subwoofer requires a cubic-foot of airspace, while Type-S subwoofers between 1.25 and 2 cubic-feet of airspace. Most subwoofer manufacturers state how much airspace a sub needs.

After determining the internal airspace, figure out the height and width dimensions. These dimensions should incorporate the external space available, such as in the trunk of a car. Next, to figure out the deep the box needs to be to enclose a cubic-foot of airspace, for example, divide the cubic foot by height first, and then divide it again by width. This should provide the required depth.

3 - Cutting acrylic sheet to Fit Box Dimensions

With the appropriate dimensions needed for the box, you can now accurately cut the acrylic sheets to form the shape of the sub box. If possible, consider purchasing acrylic sheets as close to the box dimensions as possible. Otherwise, there are many different cutting methods to employ that provide smooth, clean edges on the acrylic sheet. The score and snap method remains popular for its ease-of-use, but this process has a higher risk of breaking the acrylic sheet. For more accurate sheets, measure the dimensions on a workbench and cut the acrylic sheet with a high-speed steel blade saw.

4 - Constructing the Acrylic Sub Box

After the extensive planning and acrylic sheet cutting, the actual construction of the sub box comes as a simple endeavor. To start, choose a acrylic sheet for the subwoofer and measure the circumference of the subwoofer. With the circle dimensions, draw this exact circle on the acrylic sheep using the compass, and then cut out the circle with a high-speed jigsaw.

Next, take four acrylic sheets and build the frame of the sub box. This frame should not include the acrylic sheet that holds the subwoofer. To create the frame, apply the acrylic glue to the corners of the frame and press the edges together to ensure a tight seal. The glue takes at least three hours to dry. Lastly, close up the sub box with the last two acrylic sheets using the acrylic glue along the acrylic sheet edges, and wait again until the glue dries.

5 - Using Acrylic sheet as an Addition to a Conventional Box

If you want to combine acrylic sheet and medium-density fiberboard (MDF) for the sub box, simply use the acrylic sheet to hold the subwoofer. Therefore, the acrylic window showcases the back of the subwoofer and allows drivers and others to admire it.

How to Buy the Materials for a Acrylic sheet Sub Box

Combining a visual flash and solid sound quality, acrylic sheet stands as a flexible, durable material that you can shape and mould into the shape of your trunk. However, scratches and marks on the acrylic material are inevitable, and you should consider investing in some acrylic polish to ensure a beautiful, transparent sub box. Fortunately, when looking for acrylic sheets or other materials, you can discover a massive collection of essential DIY equipment right on the Internet. Simply locate the search bar and enter relevant keywords, such as the dimensions and quantity of the acrylic sheet and any brand names. Enjoy deep and clear music from a visually stunning trunk with a homemade acrylic sub box.