Magnetic Acrylic Photo Frame

- Aug 15, 2018-

These types of frames are so clear that you can easily see pictures or artwork through them. Many are double-sided so you can view the picture on either side of the frame. This allows you to put Jimmy and Johnny's images in the frame and easily view them.

The acrylic frame can be made into a key chain or a magnetic frame by simply adding inexpensive hardware. Many acrylic key chains come with personalized names or other artwork to increase interest and design. Acrylic key chains are very popular with teenagers and they like to keep their friends' photos close to them.

Magnetic frames with small magnets on the back can be placed on devices such as refrigerators, metal tables, filing cabinets and computer towers. These frames can be used not only to save photos, but also to save notes or messages that may be needed in an office or home environment. They come in a variety of sizes, similar to other photo frames, and they can also find different shapes.

By using an acrylic photo frame, you don't have to worry about glass breakage because the entire frame is made of acrylic. They are also child-protected, so don't worry that your child will hurt yourself because of broken glass. It's also very easy to place images in these types of frames. There are no clips to delete or hardware to bend, just slide the photo into the slot to frame the picture. Grandparents like these types of frames because they can easily place new school photos as soon as they are received. They are lightweight, easy to hang and easy to move. These types of photo frames will not compete with the colors in the room, making them the designer's dream.

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