Is Acrylic Fragile?

- Aug 29, 2019-

  The research and development of acrylic has a history of more than 100 years. First of all, it was applied to the windscreens of airplanes and the sight glasses of the driver's cab of tanks during World War II. By 1984, the world's first acrylic bathtub was born and gradually developed into a "shadow" that can be seen in all walks of life.


  Acrylic is a special kind of glass, but acrylic is not easy to break. If it is impacted too much, it will break. After the broken place is pasted with special acrylic glue, the broken mark is not obvious, and it can generally restore its original appearance. This is also one of the advantages of acrylic.


  Acrylic molecular segments are arranged in a very orderly way, which makes the material very tough. penetrating the acrylic plate with metal will break the acrylic, but it will not break into one piece like glass. Acrylic has good light transmission performance and looks like glass. Although it has high hardness and is not easy to break, it is easy to scratch. Please pay attention when using it.