How To Prevent The Deformation Of Sports Display Cases

- Jan 21, 2018-

How to prevent the deformation of sports display cases?

After the sports display cases used for a long time are more or less there will be some deformation phenomenon, then we should be how to prevent?

A large area, making the load-bearing sports display cases, should pay attention to the corresponding increase in the plate thickness, to avoid deformation due to large bearing.

Two, through thermal processing to increase the impact strength of sports display cases plate, internal stress and release sheet.

Three, for the selection of sports display cases with elastic rubber gasket, increase the necessary buffer for the connection between the sports display cases material.

Four, design according to types of display products to choose suitable weight sports display cases plate, not too thin nor thick, avoid bearing plate does not match with the product lead to deformation.

Five, processing sports display cases plate, screw drill shall be elliptic with screw locking, to increase the strength and reduce deformation.

Six, in the fixed sports display cases installation, attention should be paid to reserve a certain amount of shrinkage and expansion gap, prevent the impact of thermal expansion and contraction of display.

Why do we choose sports display cases? The male cloth shows the reasons for the selection, as follows:

(1) sports display cases generally consists of lumber processing, so the time in the production of plastic materials and compared to save a large sum of the mold cost, no limit production quantity.

(2) the ease of processing of materials creates space for personalized design. The design of shapes and advertising patterns can be designed according to the CI of an enterprise.

(3) About half sports display cases panel density only made of ordinary glass, sports display cases light weight and not easily broken.

(4) because the sports display cases plate has good transparency, it can display a full range of product features. Assembly is also very convenient and flexible, at the same time can match a variety of colors, than the traditional display rack has more significant publicity effect advantages.