How To Pick Out The High Quality Perspex Electronic Stand

- Jan 25, 2018-

How to pick out the high quality perspex electronic stand

With the perspex electronic stand more and more by the majority of businesses and consumers, the market is full of price and quality uneven acrylic display, but many businesses and consumers do not know how to choose to display a high quality and low price of acrylic, Ming Yu crafts as a professional perspex electronic stand factory, the to give you a brief introduction of some selection methods:

1, the light transmittance of the surface: good transparent perspex electronic stand should be better, the transmittance can reach 92%, perspex electronic stand of high quality should possess good transparency and opacity, transparency, surface hair is definitely not due to excellent products.

2, the plate mouth color: imported raw materials production of acrylic display panel opening (edge) should be transparent, if yellow, color, hair made sure is defective, the plate mouth color yellow that should be recycled in production.

3, the feel of the panel: by touching the perspex electronic stand, if the perspex electronic stand is smooth, round, delicate, and feel good, and it is not easy to leave finger marks, it is excellent quality.

4, listen to voice: if knocking on the surface or corner of perspex electronic stand, the voice is not crisp and dull, it is genuine, otherwise, if the knocking sound is relatively crisp, it may be PS material posing as an perspex electronic stand.

5, the quantity and thickness: the dimension tolerance is the basic standard to check the good or bad of the perspex electronic stand relatively simple. A good perspex electronic stand is full of material, and its thickness must be thicker. In addition to the standard perspex electronic stand thickness using thin plates are based on 0.1mm specifications for increasing the thickness of the unit, good quality tolerance within 0.05mm; the thickness difference thickness are later to 2~5mm units, tolerance control within 0.1mm for the top grade.

6, deformation and bearing capacity: good perspex electronic stand's stability and bearing capacity must be better. In the standard load range, it is not necessary to distort or twist when placing objects at random.

As long as the above inspection methods are available, we can purchase high-quality perspex electronic stand. If there is any doubt, you can inquire about our Mingyu perspex electronic stand customer service. We guarantee to provide you with detailed answers and high-quality perspex electronic stand.