How To Match The Color Of Cosmetics Display Frame

- Jun 16, 2017-

In the cosmetics display frame color collocation, should according to the commodity management industry's topic content, the nature, the category synthesis consideration, if the collocation bad will let the person produce the bad feeling, if the color is many, must pay attention to the color tonal change.

1. Similar collocation: a color by adding black or white to make it darker or lighter to match, this easy to give a soft impression, can be used to shape some of the light and shadow and the level of effect and motion of the shadow residual effect.

2. Color Collocation: This method is to pursue a color effect by emphasizing the contrast of primary colors, generally using a very high purity of primary colors, such as black, white, gray and red, blue, green and so on, any kind of pure color and black, white, gray collocation, are easy to form a harmonious configuration, this feature is high saturation, striking, otherwise.

3. Contrasting color collocation: Two different distance or relative color match, such as yellow and purple, red and green color, blue and orange, black and white and so on. This color is strong, with a strong visual impact effect.