How To Make The Acrylic Display Looks Premium?

- May 03, 2018-

How does the acrylic display want to show the best choice? The high quality display rack is not only reflected in the design and production process, but also the most basic raw materials. There are many materials on the market to make display shelves, such as iron, stainless steel, acrylic, PVC, PETG and so on are the raw materials for making acrylic. The raw materials for the choice of high grade display stand are all these, but why is it different?

High quality  display rack material selection will be biased towards the production of good board, and will be based on the display stand to show the effect to choose the right process. For example, acrylic display rack, acrylic selection is also a university, the price of acrylic Extrusion board and pouring board is different, because the extrusion plate is made of recycled acrylic waste, its transparency is not high pouring board. If you put up the product poster on the transparent acrylic board, it can clearly distinguish the transmittance and brightness of the two panels.

The selection of display materials based on the products you want to display is also a factor that reflects the high level of the display frame, and the display frame and the product are actually accomplishments. For example, the display shelves used for high-end small goods are mostly small display shelves of table style, and can be made with acrylic and PETG materials. To appear high grade wine, it is necessary to pay attention to the details. There can be no bubbles in the bonding place, and the glue can not be spillover. And the high quality wine such as wine, whisky and brandy often choose the real wine. Wooden display rack, solid wood, and the quality of years precipitation echoes the taste of wine.


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