How To Make Acrylic Display Case

- Mar 27, 2018-

Acrylic display rack has been applied to shopping malls, exhibitions and stores more and more. People enjoy it. Businessmen are also aware of the advantages brought by the acrylic display frame, and go to the professional manufacturers to customize the acrylic display frame. However, what about the acrylic display frame custom process? Many friends don't understand the process. Today, the acrylic display stand manufacturer Mingyu is to share the detailed flow of the acrylic display frame for you.

1. Understand the needs

To display your custom needs to tell us, we will be free design for you; or give us your drawings, your company should be customized product pictures, size and packaging requirements and printing requirements clear, can also according to customer requirements; a common measurement tailor-made for market demand acrylic display products.

2. Structure design

When you confirm the design of the display frame, we will arrange 2-3 showcase designers for more than 8 years of industry experience to make detailed structural designs for you.

3. Making samples

To complete the structural design, we will arrange production department production display rack samples, and take the lead of business department, design department, engineering department, QC quality inspection department and production department cooperate with multiple samples, confirm the quality inspection standard and check the sample shipment.

4, mass production quotation

We will make detailed price quotations for you according to the sample standard and the quantity, delivery time, logistics and transportation information and other requirements you provide, and inform you to confirm the order. According to the type of the customer and the quantity of the order, we pay the deposit, which is usually 30% of the total amount. Our company will buy the raw materials within 24 hours after receiving the deposit, and arrange the production according to the delivery date.

5. Mass production

After you have placed the order, we will develop the first piece of the large cargo to give you a reconfirmation. After that, we will carry out the production and inspection of the goods according to the quality inspection standard of this sample and your requirements, during which you can visit and check the factory at any time.

6, shipment, payment, acceptance

In the production of mass production, we will check many times and give you 100% of the quality assurance. It is confirmed that after the packing of the productin is completed, we will arrange the shipment to inform you of the acceptance. Shenzhen city goods to pay, the rest of the first payment outside Shenzhen, our company will provide logistics single number after receipt of the goods.

The above is SHENZHEN MINGYU CRAFTS CO., LTD of acrylic display rack customization process, we have more than 10 years of production of professional acrylic, organic glass, acrylic display rack, and acrylic processing, plexiglass processing, if you are interested in our factory or any questions

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