How To Maintain The Acrylic Electronic Stand

- Feb 04, 2018-

How to maintain the Acrylic Electronic Stand

Acrylic is a kind of plexiglass. The acrylic products we usually use are made of acrylic products, such as acrylic granular material, plate or resin, etc., which are assembled by various processing methods and with various parts of different materials and functions. The acrylic has high transparency, rich color has been widely used in various industries, Acrylic Electronic Stand is made after the processing, but the acrylic material perfect in every respect, so in the process of using acrylic products also need to maintain, but also how to maintain the Acrylic Electronic Stand?

Tips for maintaining Acrylic Electronic Stands:

1, in the transportation of a large number of Acrylic Electronic Stand, do not tear out the protective film and protection paper of the Acrylic Electronic Stand, sassafras. So in the process of transportation can avoid the bumps along the road leads to squandering Acrylic Electronic Stand.

2, when placing Acrylic Electronic Stand, it should not be placed at too high temperature. The sensitivity of acrylic products to temperature is also quite strong. It prevents the appearance of Acrylic Electronic Stand shelf deformation due to high temperature.

3, the Acrylic Electronic Stand does not put the organic solvent in the same place, because the Acrylic Electronic Stand and organic solvent contact will make the Acrylic Electronic Stand eroded. In order to avoid such a situation, do not put the two together.

4, when you clean Acrylic Electronic Stand, you need to use soap and water. Cobalt is gently wiped with soft cotton cloth and soapy water. You can't use ancient grazing or dry cleaning. Otherwise, it will scratch the surface of Acrylic Electronic Stand, which will affect the appearance.