How To Distinguish Good Acrylic Products From Bad

- Jul 30, 2018-

   As people find that acrylic acid has more and more advantages, it is widely used in more industries. The most commonly used is the beautiful display cabinets around us, such as supermarket display rack, watch display rack and jewelry display rack. A large number of commercial workers enter acrylic production because it is simple and valuable, but lack of core technology, poor management and chaotic production process lead to poor quality of the product. So how do you distinguish between good and bad acrylic products? Here are some tips. 

1.Touch its feel, if it is smooth, see sweat and fingerprints will remain on its surface.

2.Observe whether the tincture is balanced.

3.Burn it out and see if it's on fire. High quality acrylic products are hard to burn.

4.Exposed to some pure white light, the light passing through high-quality acrylic products will also be pure white.

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