How To Clean Your Acrylic Display ?

- Aug 11, 2018-

Do you know the best way to clean when the acrylic display gets dirty?

1.We can't wipe the acrylic outer layer with a coarse cloth, it will scratch and become foggy.

2.Use a toothpaste to rub the acrylic with a cotton or wool cloth. After rinsing with water, acrylic acid can become brighter and brighter.

3. Squeeze the damp cloth with the toothpaste on the acrylic surface, and continue to draw and rub. If necessary, be sure to add active toothpaste and we must keep it moist outside.

4. If the acrylic counter is dirty, it can be washed with water after washing and washing. Stick to what they atomize and you should spend a lot of time polishing to improve it.

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