How To Clean Up The White Magnetic Photo Frame After It Has Dirt

- Feb 02, 2018-

How to clean up the white magnetic photo frame after it has dirt

white magnetic photo frame to frame live photos, for decoration, but if long time the surface will be a thick layer of dust, very beautiful effect of white magnetic photo frames, so we need to carry out maintenance in daily use, this does not introduce more maintenance methods, today to explain to you the acrylic dirt after cleaning tips.

White Magnetic Photo Frame

white magnetic photo frame cleaning techniques for dirt:

We all know that the high light transmittance of acrylic, but not in the white magnetic photo frame before forming is a bit rough, is the result of multiple processing follow up to so fine. Therefore, after the white magnetic photo frame is sticky with dirt, we can degrease the surface of white magnetic photo frame. It can be cleaned by acetone. We need to use distilled water or 50% sodium hyaluronate to mix and stir. Then we will invade 15-20min and wash it with distilled water.

After cleaning, we need to blow dry, but the white magnetic photo frame can't be blown by blower, but it can be dried at room temperature and ventilated area, so that we can achieve the same beautiful effect as before.

Because the surface of the photo frame is smooth, wet towel can be used to wipe it, so that we can get rid of the dirt that is easy to clean, but sometimes there will be some difficult to clean oily products. At this time, we need to use compound siloxane coupling agent.

About white magnetic photo frame cleaning technology is to share with you here. When we encounter fouling in white magnetic photo frame, we can choose cleaning methods according to the actual situation.