How The New Coronavirus(COVID-19) Has Changed Our Lives

- Mar 23, 2020-

How the new coronavirus(COVID-19) has changed our lives


1.Need to wear a mask when going out.

2.Rising prices of necessities such as vegetables, fruits and meat.

3.Delay in work and school.

4.The most important point is that if you stay at home, do you have good cooking skills and your belly is gradually getting bigger?

Here below please find some tips against COVID-19.

1/ Wearing face mask;

Coronavirus will spead by droplet, so wearing face mask can be effective.

2/ Wash hand frequently;

Do not touch your mouth, eyes & nose if your hand is not clean.

3/ Less aggregation;

To protect all of you, pls reduce gathering at the moment.

We can help coordinate medical materials, like face mask & electric thermometer if needed. 

Here Esther sincerely wish you & your family all right.