How Should Acrylic Products Be Maintained?

- Jul 24, 2018-

 All know the use and advantages of acrylic products, and we know the characteristics of acrylic, acrylic later maintenance is also very important, today I will give you a lecture on acrylic. How to maintain. 


1, acrylic products in the continuous use of the temperature should not be higher than 90 degrees, because the ordinary acrylic plate thermal deformation stability is about 100 degrees, so to avoid acrylic high temperature deformation.           

2, in using or acrylic processing should be careful to avoid surface scratch, the hardness of the surface of acrylic products is equivalent to aluminum, it is easy to scratch, if scratched can be polished to restore the original gloss surface.           

3. The blur or uncleanness of the acrylic products caused by a slight scratch or electrostatic adsorption dust can be cleaned with a soapy water dipped in 1% of the soft cloth.           

4, because the acrylic plate has a certain expansion coefficient, so when the installation must take into account the thermal expansion and contraction factors of acrylic sheet, when the assembly must have a expansion space gap.

This is the details that need to be noted in the process of assembling acrylic products.