How Much Is The Density Of Acrylic Wine Display In Acrylic Sheet Factory?

- Jan 13, 2018-

How much is the density of Acrylic Wine Display in Acrylic sheet factory?

The density of Acrylic Wine Display products in Acrylic Wine Display processing plants is usually in 1.2g/cm3, and the average molecular weight of Acrylic Wine Display products is 50-l00 million. According to the different polymerization mechanism, PMMA has four different configurations: the random erect, all identical vertical, the same vertical structure, the vertical structure, and the performance are also different. The density of Acrylic Wine Display is usually lower than that of ordinary glass, and the density is lower than that of aluminum plate. The density of the general aluminum alloy is 2.7g/cm3.

The exact density of Acrylic Wine Display is 1.18kg/dm3, the same size of material, the weight of only half of the ordinary glass, metal aluminum (belong to light metal) 43%.

Temperature resistant Acrylic Wine Display is relatively low, access to a lot of information that the basic temperature resistant Acrylic Wine Display is 104 degrees, the actual experiments show that Acrylic Wine Display long time when the environment temperature is 80-95 degrees, there will be a slight modification of Acrylic Wine Display, Acrylic Wine Display processing factory processing Acrylic Wine Display reached 96 degrees Celsius can do hot deformation the melting point of 230-260 degrees, Acrylic Wine Display.

The problem encountered in the actual use of Acrylic Wine Display is the excessive temperature and deformation. The actual deformation is also related to the thickness of the sheet. The thinner plate is easier to deform, the smaller the thickness is, the smaller the deformation is.