General Specifications For The Size Of The Acrylic Lipstick Holder

- Mar 03, 2018-

The size of the acrylic lipstick holder is in the mind of the buyer. "I want to make a acrylic lipstick holder for my goods". Maybe there is no exact size, but you have to have a vague range. For example, you need to understand what goods the acrylic lipstick holder needs to be placed and how many goods to be placed... These questions help you to clear your mind. It is not clear what the concrete acrylic lipstick holder is going to make, and ask yourself: where should you put it? This is also a good idea.

In a word, the size of the acrylic lipstick holder is too unfamiliar to you. Every time we ask the customer to this problem, they always hesitated, did not elaborate. And when we turn the problem into a number of goods, the customer can answer us clearly. So as an industry for the acrylic lipstick holder, we sometimes do not need a specific size, as long as it is enough to get information about the goods. Because customers don't know the display rack, he is a novice in this industry, but he knows his product and his purpose.

At the same time, I hope that these data will help you:

The conventional landing style display is 150 160CM long, 50 60CM wide, 30 - 40CM, 3-4 layer, layer spacing design according to customer products;

The display size of hanging about 60 - 1875px, length 15-20CM, width 7-10CM;

Display size is desktop 40-50CM, length 30-40CM, width 20-25CM.