Differences Between Acrylic Products And PS Products

- Apr 09, 2018-

Acrylic products are a popular product nowadays, and raw materials are in short supply, making the price rise. It is precisely because of this that a variety of acrylic-like plates will appear in the market to deceive consumers, such as acrylics. Products and ps products, these two products are generally not very familiar with the acrylic products of consumers are basically can not recognize, so today Mingyu Acrylic with everyone to talk about the difference between acrylic products and ps products, so as to avoid everyone by a certain Deception of these businesses.

Acrylic (Perspex) is divided into: extrusion board and casting board, the identification of the extrusion board is, transparency is good. With the original identification method, the fire burns, the flame clears when burning, there is no smoke, there are bubbles, and the filaments can be pulled out when the fire is extinguished. The identification of the casting plate is: higher transparency, no smoke, bubbles, buzzing sound when fired with fire, no wire when extinguishing.

PS organic board, the identification method is: transparency is general, there will be pitting when reflecting. It is relatively brittle and easily broken. There will be a buzzing noise in the ground. When burning with fire, it produces a lot of black smoke.